Thursday, September 22, 2011

Principal's Newsletter 9/23/11

What's in a photograph?

Plenty, if you're Mr. Black. Much less, if you're me.

I was reminded of this when, the day I returned from spelunking the lava tubes and Ape Caves with our fifth graders, I compared my iPhone pics of the day with Brian's well-framed shots from a year before. The comparison is laughable, really, as those of you who've experienced a year or two with Brian's lens know.

So I've been playing with Instagram, an app that -- if it does nothing else -- makes me feel somewhat creative. I've placed a few shots in the post above.

My real purpose here is to highlight what many of you have noted as you walk into the school in the past weeks. The "History Wall" is a tribute to three eras of Riverdale schools. Brenda Bonnell, initially roped into the design process for her immaculate taste, was asked to curate the dozens of archive boxes full of our community's history. In the end, she created three panels, emblematic of, respectively, the roots of public schooling in Dunthorpe, the rich period in which many of our traditions began, and new beginnings. If you have a moment to appreciate the panels in the front entry hall, please do.

Additionally, our wall of class photos expanded dramatically, thanks to Brenda's efforts to identify hundreds of faces from our past.

And if you have the opportunity to thank Brenda, please do.


  • The playground was updated this weekend.
  • Picture Day is Wednesday the 28th. Order forms will be sent home on Monday. Alternatively, you can go to and pre-order, using the code "RIVERDALE."
  • Many families have forms missing from our front office. Please help us ensure student safety and smooth operations by responding to a request from Betsy and Karen for any missing pieces.