Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin

And then there were ten (days)...

It strikes me that it is time for another update.

Moving In

The fence is down (but for the field) and the playground has definitely been field-tested. Though it appears the work is winding down -- and it surely is -- there is still an enormous amount of last-minute-detail work to be done. I know the temptation is there to knock on the door and ask for a quick peek, but it would be very helpful if folks can refrain; we have asked for assistance moving the library on Tuesday and Wednesday (Nicole Grayson is organizing -- thank you Nicole!)

Here's a bit of info about what's being done currently:
  • Striping will happen Sunday on the playground, including directional arrows on the parking lot. (Buses will enter the North lot -- corner of Military and Breyman -- from either direction, and will depart on the Breyman exit. Parent drop-off will be in the South lot -- by the field -- with traffic flowing in one direction.)
  • Bus routes are posted here.
  • Stop by the front entrance to pick up a back-to-school packet this week. They are in bins just outside.
  • The named bricks will be installed just outside of the main back doors early in the week.
  • The gym floor has been refinished (thanks to generous paddle raise donors!) and is curing.
  • The job site trailer has been removed; Bremik now has a temporary office upstairs.
  • The Giving Tree is installed and looking fantastic!
  • Teachers are busy unpacking boxes, breaking them down, and arranging the rooms. The last of the furniture came in today and is being constructed as I write.
  • We are being trained on the various systems integral to the operation of the physical plant and struggling to keep it all straight amidst the hubbub.
Above all, the energy level in the building has grown to a steady crescendo -- your teachers make this place come alive unlike anything short of the kids themselves. We are all so excited to see them at the Sneak Peek on the 6th, and on the first day of school on the 7th!

Sneak Peek

The Sneak Peek is turning out to be a wonderfully well-organized event. One recent development I am thrilled to announce is that, thanks to a thoughtful student, our celebratory event will be leveraged to help those less fortunate. I am grateful to Derek Song for his suggestion, as two major themes of this coming school year will be service leadership and culture. (Stay tuned for more details, but plan on bringing a few cans of food to the Sneak Peek on Labor Day!)

Soccer Practice Begins Monday

We are proud to announce that we have a new ladies' soccer coach. Coach Emma Triplett will be starting practice on Monday at Riverdale High School at 12:30-2:00. The boys, coached by Nels Paine and Gavin Morton, will practice from 2:00-4:00. (Yes, we are practicing this week on the RHS field during school.)

I can't wait to see you all. (Okay, I can, but only because of the finish work we need to complete so that the building is ready for our kids.) Enjoy the last week of summer.