Monday, February 21, 2011

Principal's Newsletter -- February 21, 2011

The buzz about the events of the next few weeks is really beginning to build. The other evening I had the opportunity to swing by a Cabaret rehearsal. The energy is absolutely breathtaking. The vast majority of 7th and 8th graders, as well as dozens of parent volunteers, are contributing to what will be an incredible series of performances.

The 7-8 boys have made the basketball playoffs and will meet OES this week in first round action.

Continuing in a line of great programming directed at Riverdale parents, the PTC is hosting Diane Gans this Thursday evening to speak about helping girls develop healthy relationships (Thursday night @ 7:00 in the Commons.) Each of the events has been successively better attended. I really urge our families to take advantage of this opportunity!

And, of course, Hit Explosion is just around the corner.


A note about dogs on the field -- it is critically important that we maintain a high level of security for our children. When children are present, especially just as they arrive and are leaving campus, dogs must be on a leash. We have a great group of dog owners who are responsible for their pets and clean up after them, and I appreciate all they have done to keep our kids safe.


Bus #83 has been arriving at school just late enough in the mornings that I asked the bus company to adjust upwards by about five minutes. An adjustment like this can be difficult to calibrate exactly, so I'm hopeful that this notice will allow families to plan accordingly.