Friday, October 21, 2011

Principal's Newsletter 10/23/11

The following short narrative, written by third grader Ava W., in my eyes epitomizes two critical aspects of the Riverdale experience. Please enjoy.

Goldfish Toss
I was standing in line for the goldfish toss at the carnival with Ava S. We were talking about if we won a goldfish what were we going to name it.
When it was my turn I bounced the ball. The first try I bounced it way too hard. All the rest were the same.
As I walked away I started to cry. Then, a nice eighth grader named Isabel walked over to me and asked me why I was crying. Then I told her. Isabel smiled and handed me her fish.
With my hand trembling I took it. After that I said thank you about one billion times.
Next thing I knew I was walking proudly with my new fish to the photo booth to show Zoe. After I showed her we did the photo booth together.
I finally named my fish Tigger, because he's orange with the tip of his fins black.
He's the best fish in the world.

The third graders in Mrs. Sager's classroom have been studying personal narrative. Often, young writers attempt fantastical stories based on cartoons they've seen or the like -- they come off jumbled and scattered. Focusing on personal narrative is powerful because it opens their eyes to the value and power of their own experiences recorded. I loved having the opportunity to visit the third grade classroom as the students read aloud their selected published narratives. The value of sharing beautiful work is an important aspect of student life here. I was reminded of this as I walked past stunning artwork displayed in the halls, and snuck in to hear presentations by eighth graders in Mr. Robinson's room this afternoon.

In this case the real power comes from the interaction between one of our thoughtful, compassionate middle school students and our young author.

This next week we will celebrate our student athletes!
  • Wednesday the girls play their semifinal game here at 3:00 vs. OES
  • Thursday the boys play their semifinal game here at 4:00 vs. Catlin Gabel